Sela Cars and Boats

Over 40 Different Makes and Styles Available

Sela Cars and Boats are new battery powered and coin operated cars and boats for ages 4-12. This is a hot new children's attraction. We present a great new money making attraction which is geared for children not tall enough to drive Go-Karts. With this new attraction, you no longer have to turn small children away. You can turn them on to this new attraction that makes you more money. There are over 40 different styles to choose from, that have a coin operated activation system, speed limit settings, adjustable running times, on vehicle sound effects and charging circuit, gel pack 12 volt battery, magnetic kill switches in cars to stop them at loading areas. Seat belts are available.

Bumper-boat tanks and pools are also available. These movable pools allow for fast/ efficient deployment and easy operation. Available for revenue share or for purchase.

For children not tall enough for Go-Karts. Why turn them away when you can turn them on to a new attraction that makes you more money?

Great for Special Events & Family Entertainment Centers!!

  • Coin operated activation
  • Speed limiting settings from 1 to 4 km/h
  • Adjustable running time from 1 to 4 minutes
  • On vehicle sound effects and charging circuit
  • Gel pack 12 volt battery
  • Magnetic kill switch in cars to auto stop at loading area
  • Seat belts available

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