The Company

Established in 1987, Laser Star has evolved into a diversified company with the engineering skills and creativity to develop new and different products for the amusement, entertainment, and vending industries. These products include:

  • Coin operated laser rifle shooting galleries
  • Large screen laser projection games
  • Interactive laser projection games
  • Overhead rifle shooting ranges
  • Tethered paintball shooting galleries
  • Vest-less and cordless Laser Tag systems
  • Dark ride car shooting and scoring systems that activate special set effects
  • Collectible coin vending machines

In addition, Laser Star operates souvenir vending machines, bulk vending machines, and video games for qualified national accounts. The latest product, Tasty Tubes Factory (patent pending), will make its introduction at the 2010 IAAPA SHOW in Orlando, Florida. Tasty Tubes Factory combines a vending machine and an amusement game into one amazing product.

Mighty Mike’s Memorabilia, a division of Laser Star, provides framed, signed and unsigned entertainment and sports memorabilia to national accounts at discounted prices. No matter what your framing needs, Mighty Mike’s can do it for you at substantial savings.

Laser Star shooting galleries are the world’s best earning and reliable galleries. The Laser Star systems excel due their modern technology, simple modular electronic components, ease of maintenance, diagnostic systems, and long term earning power.

Despite other company claims, Laser Star was the first to bring to market, fully integrated, interactive shooting galleries. Our shooting galleries can be fabricated with simple to sophisticated animations with or without characters, depending on your budget. Digital sound effects come standard with our galleries and our Window’s based computer operating control system; make our games very easy to use. Our control system permits ‘attract mode’ sounds and ‘attract mode’ movements on the set. When a player coins up our galleries, background music is heard and on set animations can all be controlled with our fully integrated control systems, if desired. In addition, target activated “mini” shows, with movements and sounds are all options that are available to order. We use authentic safe laser shooting rifles to hit and activate our targets within the set. Our targets do not “false” when a flash camera is used. When a target is hit by our coded lasers, our targets “flash” and activate a relay that interfaces with any special effects that you desire or we design. Our targets can be easily programmed using the central control system to play a different hit sound each time they are hit. Our galleries also come with the option of ticket redemption and prize dispensers, as well as, “scent” releasing and water blaster interactive effects. From concept to reality, Laser Star can make any themed gallery to meet your needs.

World's Best Earning Attractions!